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Test Drive

Test Drive - September

by Cesar Caldera 05 Sep 2018
Test Drive - September

What our Test Drive - Subscribers in September received: 2 Products!

An Obagi C-Cleansing Gel helps clarify and prepare your skin for the system's product ingredients, while also removing makeup and oil. A vitamin C enriched facial cleanser keeps pores clear and helps fade signs of aging. Full Retail: $42.




A Jimmy Choo eau de parfum spray with mini purse is a scent for confident women with a sweet side. Starting on fruity notes of pear and mandarin orange, the fragrance evolves into a mix of green and floral aromas with sweet yet clean orchid hints. Final toffee notes linger in the air, summing up the velvety warmth of the scent. The fragrance is enclosed in an eau de parfum spray bottle designed to enhance the sparkling reflections of the glass.

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