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Why Obagi ELASTIderm Facial Serum has a Permanent Place in my Skincare Routine

by Angel Elliott 13 Jan 2021 0 Comments
Why Obagi ELASTIderm Facial Serum has a Permanent Place in my Skincare Routine

Why Obagi ELASTIderm Facial Serum has a Permanent Place in my Skincare Routine

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At DermAvenue, there has been a lot of talk about products that will promote elasticity. One of the latest products to hit the market is Obagi’s ELASTIderm Facial Serum, which promises to fight signs of aging with firmer, more resilient skin. We decided to put this product to the test and I committed to using the Obagi ELASTIderm Facial Serum exclusively for 4 weeks. I’ve had to bite my tongue (or hide my keyboard) to keep myself from spilling the beans before my 4-week test was over and the time has finally come!

This first thing that I cannot wait to share is the experience of applying this serum. You’ll immediately notice the luxurious, silky smooth texture and WOW, the smell. I have to take a moment to gush about the amazing scent of this product. I know, scent is not what we base our skin care decisions on, but it is sure an added bonus. I’ve never looked forward to putting anything on my face more than the ELASTIderm Facial Serum. The smell is not perfume-y or strong, but smells deliciously clean and I absolutely loved how it lingered in my face mask, giving me a fresh whiff each time I needed to ‘mask-up’ throughout the day. As someone with a very sensitive nose, susceptible to headaches from strong smells, I love the subtle, fresh scent this serum gives off.

Now, let’s get into the science! The key ingredient in this serum is a Bi-Mineral Contour complex, which is a patented advanced technology that combines the power of zinc, copper and malonate resulting in firmer-looking skin at lightning speed. Using FlexFluid technology, the serum has a soft, lightweight texture so it can be worn alone or under make-up to provide continued improvement in skin elasticity, firmness, and bounce-back.

So, what were my results? Let’s just say, I am a believer! Obagi suggests applying 2-3 pumps, twice a day. I began by following this recommendation closely, but I found that 2-3 pumps was too much product and would take a while to absorb. A single pump was the perfect amount for me that allowed fast absorption while still seeing phenomenal results. Bonus: The product will last even longer! If you choose to use the full 2-3 pumps, and are wearing this serum under make-up, be sure to allow a couple extra minutes for absorption! I was thrilled when I saw improvement in my skin elasticity within the first few days of use! My results aren’t unique either. In 12-week clinical studies, 100% of participants reported that their face looked firmer after using the Obagi ELASTIderm facial Serum. Even more, 97% noticed their skin feeling more elastic, resilient, and saw a diminished appearance of creping.

If you’re looking to add give your skin some bounce-back, consider adding Obagi ELASTIderm Facial Serum into your skincare routine. Can’t get enough? Also, in this line, Obagi offers the ELASTIderm Eye Cream and ELASTIderm Eye Serum to keep even your problem areas looking fresh and youthful.

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