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Is Topical Vitamin C Worth the Hype?

by Kristin Clark 09 Nov 2017 0 Comments
Is Topical Vitamin C Worth the Hype?

Is Topical Vitamin C Worth the Hype?

It’s commonly known that Vitamin C has many benefits for our immune health, but what about our skin health? Can it really work to reverse the signs of aging on the skin? Can I really benefit from adding it to my daily skincare routine? Read below to find out if topical Vitamin C products are really worth the hype.

Anti-Aging Properties— Say Goodbye to Wrinkles!
When it comes to anti-aging treatments, there is no shortage of products out there designed to do just that. But what’s the most effective? Well first, let’s take a look at what causes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to form on the skin. As I’m sure you’ve heard, collagen is an essential part of our body. This naturally occurring protein helps to aid the growth of cells and blood vessels to keep the skin firm, smooth, and plump. Collagen is abundant in our youth, however, over the years collagen begins to break down and skin starts to lose its elasticity and fine lines and wrinkles become more evident. This is where Vitamin C comes in handy. This powerful antioxidant actually has the ability to boost collagen production in the skin. When collagen production is increased, new skin cells are formed and these skin cells work to help tighten and strengthen the skin, smooth out the skin, and leave the skin with a more plump, healthy appearance.

Verdict: If you’re looking for an anti-aging treatment that actually helps combat the signs of aging from a cellular level, Vitamin C is the answer. Definitely worth the hype.

Products we recommend: We absolutely love Vitamin C serums here at Dermavenue! They’re easy and convenient to use, and can be included in any skincare regimen! We highly recommend the Obagi Professional-C Serums. They are available in 10%, 15% and 20% strengths. If you’ve never used a Vitamin C serum before, we suggest starting out with the Professional-C Serum 10% and gradually working your way up. If you have deep wrinkles, the 20% Serum is the one for you. An added bonus with these products? They leave your skin with a fabulous glow, so you cannot only look younger, but also more radiant!

Sun Damage and Discoloration
Maybe your skin concern isn’t really aging, maybe you have sun damage that has now surfaced on the skin in the form of age spots, dark spots, or hyperpigmentation. Well, I’m sure you’ve heard of chemical skin lighteners before, but what about a more natural, preventative approach? Vitamin C is a perfect alternative. Chemical skin lighteners treat signs of sun damage that are already there. Vitamin C however, works to help prevent discoloration from ever forming on the skin to begin with! Free radicals in the environment can be harmful and lead to skin damage, fortunately Vitamin C works to neutralize these free radicals to stop them from forming age spots and dark spots on the skin. Numerous clinical studies and research has been done to show that significant reduction in photo-damage has been seen with daily use of topical Vitamin C products.

Verdict: Sun damage is one of the leading causes of major skin concerns, if you’re looking for an effective preventative measure, we highly recommend incorporating a Vitamin C product to your daily skincare routine.

Products we recommend: One of the best Vitamin C products we carry at Dermavenue is the SkinMedica Vitamin C+E Complex. SkinMedica Vitamin C + E Complex works to deliver powerful antioxidant protection to guard against free radical damage and correct the signs of discoloration on the skin. Use this product daily in conjunction with your other products in your skincare regimen.

Scars, Wounds and Acne Blemishes? Vitamin C Can Fix That
When you think of acne you don’t automatically correlate that with a topical Vitamin C product. But, much to your surprise, it does work to correct signs of acne blemishes and scarring, even old scars and wounds. And that’s because Vitamin C is used by the body to replace damaged tissue. Like we said above, it can boost new cell production, but this just isn’t for fine lines and wrinkles. New cells work to regenerate damaged tissue and this leads to a reduction in the appearance of scars and blemishes on the skin for an overall smoother, even complexion.

Verdict: Who knew Vitamin C could work to correct acne scarring and old wounds? For this reason alone, we are giving our stamp of approval and saying Vitamin C is worth the hype!

Products we recommend: We highly recommend the iS Clinical Pro Heal Serum Advance+. The iS Clinical Pro-Heal Serum Advance+ works to improve the overall appearance of compromised, blemish-prone skin. It combines powerful antioxidants and botanical extracts to help leave the skin brighter, smoother, and more even. If aggressive acne treatments have left you with unwanted scarring, give this product a try, we guarantee you’ll love it.


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