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Are High End Shaving Brands Worth It?

by Kristin Clark 27 Dec 2017 2 Comments
Are High End Shaving Brands Worth It?

Are High End Shaving Brands Really Worth It?

Let’s face it guys, shaving is apart of your weekly (for some, daily) routine. And chances are you’ve been using the same shaving products you’ve always had (Barbasol, anyone?). Like with anything, there is always a low-end and a high-end, shaving products are no exception. Low-end shaving products are budget-friendly, tested and true, and above all get the job done, so why make the switch? Well here’s something to think about—your skin isn’t the same as when you first started shaving. It’s changed and matured since you were a teenager, and it deserves much more care and precision; something low-end items just can’t provide. It’s time to start investing in a more sophisticated, quality shave; your skin will thank you, we promise.

Gentlemen, get ready to discover a world outside the old “only a razor and shaving cream” routine, and experience a better, closer, more comfortable shave. What do high-end brands bring to the table that low-ends don’t? For starters, the difference is in the ingredients. One of our favorite brands, The Art of Shaving, has perfected the use of only the highest quality ingredients that are handpicked for your comfort. Their wide range of shaving products, contain natural ingredients that are key to more precise, gentle shave. Essential Oils are just that, essential, if you want a shave free of bumps, nicks, and burns. They help to hydrate the skin as well as soften the hair to make it easier for the razor to glide, resulting in a precise shave that leaves the skin feeling smooth, and not irritated. For our favorite shaving products featuring Essential Oils check out: The Art of Shaving Sandalwood Shaving Cream 5 oz., eShave Shaving Cream Verbena Lime 4 oz., and The Art of Shaving Lavender Pre Shave Oil 2 oz.

Another benefit of using high-end shaving brands, the products are all designed to adhere to a specific skin type or concern rather than a generic formula designed for the masses. Sensitive skin, heavy beard, even excessively dry skin—there is a product out there for you. If you have sensitive or dry skin a shaving product featuring Aloe Vera is an absolute must have! Aloe is a natural ingredient that helps to soothe the skin as well as moisturize. This leaves the skin surface soft and more prepared for a razor blade to glide over. You’ll instantly see a reduction in the number of cuts, bumps, and razor burns. Check out these shaving products featuring Aloe Vera: Zirh Heavy Beard Conditioning Cream and the Zirh Sensitive Skin Shave Cream.

And the biggest reason to make the switch? These brands offer a full shaving routine that will give you a close shave, and also moisturize your skin, calm the skin, and leave it overall healthier in tone and texture. Does your shaving routine do that now? We didn’t think so either. The Art of Shaving features a full size kit that comes complete with all the necessary steps in helping you achieve that “Perfect Shave.” The Kit comes complete with the Sandalwood Pre Shave Oil 2 oz., Sandalwood Shaving Cream 5 oz., Sandalwood After Shave Balm 3.3 oz., Black Genuine Badger Shaving Brush. Pre Shave Oil works to lather the facial hair and skin in an abundance of essential oils that help soften the hair and prep the skin for a close shave. The Shaving Cream works to coat the skin in a rich lather that hydrates the skin for a silkier skin complexion. Applying the Shaving Cream with the Badger Hair Shaving Brush as oppose to just your hands, has big benefits. It keeps your hands clean for one, but also lifts the hair away from the skin so that the razor blade will get the whole hair follicle, reducing ingrown hairs and cuts. The Sandalwood After Shave Balm works to soothe, heal, and calm the skin leaving it feeling comfortable and refreshed. Check out the  The Art of Shaving Full Size Kit Sandalwood and all their other available kits here.

It’s time to make the switch gentlemen. Upgrade your shaving routine to a more luxurious, elegant experience. It’s well worth it. Trust us.

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27 Jun 2019 Howard Clay

Wow !! It’s great :)

29 May 2018 Robert Humphries

Thank you so much for sharing this post with us!!! It’s very informative for me :)

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