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Breaking Down the NEOCUTIS LUMIERE Line to Find the Right Eye Cream For You

by Angel Elliott 28 Oct 2020 0 Comments
Breaking Down the NEOCUTIS LUMIERE Line to Find the Right Eye Cream For You

Let’s face it, eyes are one of the first things we notice about people, especially while we are all wearing masks! They’re also the most exposed to the elements, which is why it is more important now than any other time of year to take extra care of the delicate skin around your eyes. Luckily, NEOCUTIS is looking out for us with their LUMIÈRE line of products that combine anti-aging skincare with the unique needs of the under-eye area. All Neocutis products are animal cruelty free and the entire LUMIÈRE line actually contains Human Growth Factors (HGF). Not to be confused with any sort of growth hormone, these safe and effective HGFs are natural substances, just like the ones made by our own skin cells, that support the repair of skin damaged by age or environmental factors. They promote the formation of collagen and elastin, resulting in increased firmness and elasticity. The NEOCUTIS LUMIÈRE line enables you to tailor your skin care regimen to your specific needs by offering multiple eye cream solutions.

Insider scoop tells us that NEOCUTIS will soon begin phasing out the Original LUMIÈRE Illuminating Eye Cream & LUMIÈRE RICHE, replacing them with the new LUMIÈRE FIRM and LUMIÈRE FIRM RICHE. That makes this the perfect time to learn more about each formula to determine which will be right for you!



LUMIÈRE Original Illuminating Eye Cream:
As NEOCUTIS’ first eye cream in the line, the original Illuminating Eye Cream is a restorative, line-smoothing product that uses growth factors to target the delicate eye area and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, puffiness and under-eye darkness. Note: This product will soon be discontinued and replaced with a new & improved formula: LUMIÈRE FIRM, discussed later in this blog. Fans of the Original Illuminating Eye Cream should check out LUMIÈRE FIRM.



Next up in our line-up is LUMIÈRE RICHE, the extra moisturizing illuminating eye cream. Our skin cannot get enough moisture, especially during these Fall and winter months, and LUMIÈRE RICHE is here to deliver! While still providing reduction in fine lines through use of GHFs, this product focuses on hydration by locking in moisture and improving skin’s moisture retention using a trio of emollients. Note: This product will soon be discontinued and replaced with a new & improved formula: LUMIÈRE FIRM RICHE, discussed later in this blog. Current users of LUMIÈRE RICHE should try the new LUMIÈRE FIRM RICHE.



MICRO EYES targets signs of aging around the delicate eye area. This product significantly diminishes the appearance of crow’s feet, hollowness and crepiness, helping eyes to look younger and smoother by nourishing the skin’s natural collagens and elastin. The overall goal of this product is to improve the feel of skin firmness. Also available in Extra Moisturizing RICHE formula.


Now, lets see what all the fuss is about regarding the NEW Neocutis Lumiere Firm. 

2 week results


If you’ve found yourself thinking that your eyes are a candidate for more than one of the above, LUMIÈRE FIRM may be the ticket for you! As part of the “Simply Smarter Skincare line,” LUMIÈRE FIRM delivers the benefits of their original Illuminating Eye Cream and the MICRO EYES technologies into one formulation. NEOCUTIS LUMIÈRE FIRM combines 30% more Human Growth Factors and proprietary peptides along with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients to create a balanced formula that supports your skin’s natural processes, resulting in healthy, youthful-looking skin in as little as 2 weeks!


LUMIÈRE FIRM RICHE: LUMIÈRE takes FIRM to the next level with LUMIÈRE FIRM RICHE. A combination of illuminating, tightening and extra moisturization. For those who want it all, NEOCUTIS’ latest break-through eye cream provides the benefits of all of the above, in one pretty blue bottle. After just two weeks of twice daily use, users reported improvements in fine lines and wrinkles, crows feet, puffiness, dark circles, texture and overall hydration.

Whether your eyes need an extra dose of hydration, firmness, or a combination of these both, NEOCUTIS has you covered with the LUMIÈRE line. What are we using at DermAvenue? We are absolutely loving the new LUMIÈRE FIRM line! It’s the most bang for your buck, combining the benefits of the Original Illuminating Eye Cream and Micro Eyes. These products incorporate all of the LUMIÈRE eye technology in one, with clinical reports are showing results in just 14 days! Choose FIRM RICHE for that extra hydration in the winter months and remember to apply gently and consistently to this delicate area for fast results!

Ready to take your eye-area skincare to the next level? Visit! We offer daily free gifts and generous discounts. We’re so confident that we have the best prices and deals on medical-grade skin care that we always offer a price match guarantee! If you find a lower price with any authorized retailer of a brand that we carry, please bring it to our attention so that we can meet or beat that price. Give us a call for today’s sale and mention this blog for even MORE savings! Can’t talk now? Use coupon code “BGLUM” for 30% off the MSRP on all lumiere products

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Please contact Dermavenue at 800.805.3752 or chat live! We have agents available 9-5pm Pacific Time to answer any questions.

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