Product Subscriptions

Product Subscription Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

When you sign up for our product subscription service, you are agreeing to be billed for the time period and frequency you have chosen. Your subscription will be renewed automatically until cancelled by you. Your subscription will renew according to the frequency you have selected (Example: You have chosen a 2-month frequency, your subscription will be renewed every 2 months). 

The subscription will be charged in the method you have selected for payment. If at any time during your subscription, your payment method on file declines, it is up to you to edit and update payment, or the subscription will be automatically terminated. 

Discount Codes and or Certain Promotions are not applicable to Product Subscriptions.

How to Cancel Subscription
To cancel your subscription, call us at 800.805.3752 and a customer service representative will assist you in the process. You may also do so by logging into your account on our website. 

IF Subscription is Cancelled before Second (2nd) order, discount from First (1st) order purchased will be charged at time of Cancellation.

You have until the day before your scheduled subscription is to be shipped out to cancel. Subscriptions cannot be cancelled until the Second Order has been fulfilled and shipped out to the customer or if the customer chooses to cancel before the second order has been fulfilled, then the difference between the subscription price and the sales price will be charged to the customer's account. 

Promotional Free Box Subscriptions only allow for one free box per household.