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Revision Skin Care Review; Is It Worth It?

by Cheyenne Prosper 25 Jan 2023 0 Comments
Revision Skin Care Review

Dermatologist offices and medical spas will often carry a select assortment of products for their patients and clients to use at home for optimum results of their treatments. They certainly don’t want you to go through the expense and effort of improving your skin with their knowledge and techniques, only to use mediocre products to wipe out the effects of treatments. But, keep in mind that they can also be found at an authorized online retailer, such as DermAvenue at discounted prices for the same quality.

One product line that is often seen is the Revision Skincare brand. Let’s take a closer look at this one, to see if it’s worth it.

Revision Skincare’s Concept

The Revision skincare line was developed over 2 decades ago by John and Rob Muller. The products are available through their website, as well as an affiliated network of dermatologists, medical spas, and other authorized websites.

Based on their philosophy, Revision Skincare was designed to “provide targeted solutions for enhancing skin’s appearance and reducing signs of aging.” They also boast that they are among many industry firsts, such as being one of the first to:

# Utilize peptides
# Use THD ascorbate in place of l-ascorbic acid
# First to develop a category for an at-home neck therapy
# First to create an anti-aging (tinted) moisturizer as an all-mineral sunscreen

    This indicates a company dedicated to innovation and quality products in the skincare industry. Based on reports from the company itself, Revision Skincare was “founded to change the way professional skincare results are achieved. We believe youthful-looking skin can be accomplished without ever compromising skin’s long-term health.”

    The company also says that its comprehensive approach to skincare embraces peptides and other products supporting the skin’s natural pH level. The products are created to harness the skin’s microbiome.

    What are the Key Ingredients in Revision Skincare Products?

    A skincare line is only as good as the products used in combination with the formulation. The key ingredients used in Revision Skincare include the following…

    # Peptides
    # Vitamins C & E
    # White Tea Extract
    # Glycolic Acid
    # Salicylic Acid
    # Shea Butter
    # Hyaluronic Acid
    # Retinol

      All of these ingredients play a significant role in providing protection, adding moisture, improving appearance and texture, as well as repairing damage.

      Revision Skincare Regimens

      The Revision brand offers complete regimens or systems. They include the following…

      The Brightening Regimen – Designed to help brighten the face, neck, and chest area, this five-piece set includes a Brightening Facial Wash, C+ Correcting Complex 30%, Nectifirm ADVANCED, and Retinol Complete 0.5. This package also includes the choice of Revision Skincare Age-Defying Moisturizer (with sunscreen), or Intellishade Multi-Protection Broad-Spectrum SPF 50.

      Injection Perfection Regimen – This regimen is designed to enhance and prolong results from injection and filler treatments. The five-piece regimen includes a peptide-rich Revox 7, D.E.J Eye Cream, Vitamin K Serum, and D.E.J Face Cream. It also includes your choice of Revision Skincare Age-Defying Moisturizer (with sunscreen), or the Multi-Protection Broad-Spectrum SPF 50

      Revision Ritual – This regimen was created to tackle signs of aging while offering protection for the skin. The Revision Ritual has seven items, including a peptide-powered Revox 7, D.E.J Eye Cream, the antioxidant C+ Correcting Complex 30%, D.E.J Face Cream Moisturizer, Retinol Complete 0.5, Nectifirm ADVANCED, and the choice of Revision Skincare Age-Defying Moisturizer (with sunscreen) or Multi-Protection Broad-Spectrum SPF 50.

      But, they also have individual products available.

      The Best-Selling Revision Products

      The top 8 selling products in the Revision skincare line are the following, along with a few customer reviews taken from their site…

      Intellishade Original


      This clinically-proven tinted moisturizer is a 5-in-1 daily anti-aging moisturizer, with broad-spectrum SPF 45. It is formulated to hydrate, protect, correct, brighten, and conceal. Infused with more than 20 age-defying beneficial key ingredients such as antioxidants, peptides, hydrators, and botanical extracts. A clinical study showed improvement in fine lines, brightness, and skin tone after 12 weeks of daily use.

      Customer Reviews: 153 reviews, 4.7 stars

      Favorable: “I love to use this moisturizer! It protects me from the sun, nourishes my skin, is tinted so I don't even need to apply a concealer or foundation! So I am able run out the door quicker than if I had to apply sunscreen, moisturizer and foundation! Feels light on my skin, not oily! Really love all of these products!!”

      Negative: “I heard some good reviews of the tinted moisturizer, but didn’t have the same success as others. I found it to have a thick feel when applying and over the course of the two weeks (in thing. That changed in my routine) that my skin developed a slight rash. Bummed out.”


      C+ Correcting Complex 30%



      This serum contains THD ascorbate, which is an effective form of vitamin C. Revision describes this product as “the next generation of Vitamin C– correcting existing damage and defending your skin for the future.” It assists in bringing back the skin’s natural glow with a more youthful appearance. Revision has infused their patent-pending MelaPATH technology to help rejuvenate and refine the skin by correcting damage from the sun.

      Customer Reviews: 25 reviews, 4.9 stars

      Favorable: “This product really helped improve the appearance and tone of my skin. It is amazing how quickly I noticed the results. Definitely recommend.”

      Negative: “I really wanted to love this and my esthetician raves about it. Unfortunately I didn’t really see any results aside from more breakouts (which is unfortunate given the price point). I love most Revision, but this product just isn’t for me.”


      D.E.J. Eye Cream (Dermal-Epidermal Junction)



      This unique and clinically proven eye cream helps droopy eyelids, reduces visible signs of aging, diminishes fine lines, and promotes elasticity. It contains both prebiotic and postbiotic innovation to aid in the balance of the skin’s microbiome. When used before and after a procedure, it helps to enhance and maintain the results

      Customer Reviews: 43 reviews, 4.5 stars

      Favorable: “This is my favorite revision product AND my favorite eye cream ever. Not too heavy, yet my eyelids still crave the moisture it provides. Noticeable difference in the skin around my eyes, I’ve been using one year AM and PM and don’t plan on stopping!”

      Negative: “My esthetician and dermatologist highly recommended this product. But immediately after I applied it the skin around my eyes became bright red and irritated. I don’t recommend this for others who have sensitive skin.”


      YouthFull Lip Replenisher



      This rich and ultra-luxurious formula is designed to stay put on the lips to maximize the benefits. It works to make the lips appear more plump and smooth, adding long-lasting hydration. The product is massaged onto lips with a cooling ceramic applicator and the high-shine formula feels silky, eliminating the need for additional lip gloss. It also has a refreshing and cool mint flavor.

      Customer Reviews: 43 reviews, 4.3 stars

      Favorable: “I never write “reviews” but this is def. a must have. I know some don’t like the minty smell but dang it hydrates your lips and makes them look great. Don’t miss out and purchase yours soon!”

      Negative: “So many people hype about this and I was really excited to try it. It does make my lips look gorg and does what it advertises, but I cannot stand how sticky my lips feel after a bit. It's ok for the first 20 minutes and then it gets very tacky. I want to love it but can't get past that!”


      D.E.J. Face Cream



      This moisturizer utilizes the innovative DEJ (Dermal-Epidermal Junction), which helps to tighten and firm, as well as lift and smooth the skin. It reduces fine lines, strengthens thinned skin, improves texture and tone, protects against the environment, and helps repair damaged skin.

      Customer Reviews: 20 reviews, 4.8 stars

      Favorable: “I can’t live without this stuff! It is perfect for an and pm use. Absorbs quickly into the skin with no residue and makes makeup application and sunscreen a breeze. Doesn’t cause break out and doesn’t irritate my rosacea. It is the perfect everyday face lotion. I always stock up! If you ever run in to a problem with the pump and nothing comes out, try sticking a tiny pin or needle in the bottom of. You will see a little hole. It releases the pressure and works perfectly. I went to return one to my dermo and they showed me that little trick. Now no complaints!! 5 stars!!!”

      Negative: “I’ve been super happy with this moisturizer on a functional level, but I HATE the smell. I’m not sure why it smells the way it does considering the other revision products smell goood. If you don’t mind the smells go for it bc it’s a great product besides that.”


      Nectifirm ADVANCED

      The Nectifirm ADVANCED is an award-winning product that uses the power of the skin’s natural microbiome to work with a formula to fight visible signs of aging in the neck and chest area. It also contains 8 very distinct peptides and Smart Antioxidant Technology to produce significant results. This formula brightens and firms while smoothing crepey skin.

      Customer Reviews: 47 reviews, 4.6 stars

      Favorable: “I wanted to look my best for my wedding, and at 54, anti aging is literally staring me in the face :) I have used this for several months and it has made all the difference in my neck!! Wont go without it.”

      Negative: “I used to use the original formula for several years and honestly didn’t see a difference. I do like the Advanced much better. While I have not seen a dramatic change, at least it’s not gotten worse.”


      Brightening Facial Wash



      The Brightening Facial Wash is a cleanser formulated with alpha and beta hydroxy acids, in addition to brightening botanicals to help remove impurities and dead skin cells. This will leave the skin clean and smooth, and ready to receive additional treatments such as moisturizers and serums. It contains vitamins C & E, licorice and lily extracts, and white tea extract for added antioxidant benefits.

      Customer Reviews: 41 reviews, 4.7 stars

      Favorable: “My face feels so extremely clean, balanced, baby smooth and bright after use. It does not leave any residue-feeling nor is my skin irritated or tight after using. It makes my skin look more radiant (I am 63) and is a great facial wash to use before applying other products. I use 1-2 times daily”

      Negative: “Unfortunately this dried out my skin. Disappointed.”


      Intellishade Matte



      The creation of this moisturizer and broad-spectrum sunscreen SPF 45 was inspired by the original Intellishade in the Revision line. But in addition to the 5-in-1 features of the original (mentioned above), this one has a matte finish. It features a sheer mineral tint to help conceal and provide a more youthful appearance.

      Customer Reviews: 73 reviews, 4.7 stars

      Favorable: “I love Intellishade Matte! It serves as my primer sand my facial sunscreen. I have combo skin, and it’s great for my oily and dry areas. I can’t recommend it enough! Try it, you won’t be sorry”

      Negative: “Goes on dry, could have more moisture like the original intellishade. Good for more coverage than original intellishade.”


      Is Revision Skincare Cruelty-Free?

      Is it stated on the company’s website, “Revision Skincare products are NOT tested on animals unless required by law and/or a specific regulation.”


      Where Can I Buy Revision Skincare Products?

      The Revision Skincare brand can be found through an authorized retailer, such as DermAvenue, a website dedicated to offering high quality skincare products at discounted rate for affordability.


      The Bottom Line

      The Revision Skincare brand has created a wide selection of products that seem to have many favorable reviews and happy clients. So, is it worth it? Based on the research and reviews, yes, it seems to be worth it.

      Please contact Dermavenue at 800.805.3752 or chat live! We have agents available 9-5pm Pacific Time to answer any questions.

      Use Code: BLOG20 to save 20% on your first order! 

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