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Huge Results, Small Effort: Obagi Revivify Multi-Acid Facial Peel

by Michael Greco 10 Feb 2022 0 Comments
Revivify Multi-Acid Facial Peel

Achieve Radiant Skin with Twice a Month Application

For almost two years now, COVID-19 has sent us searching for at-home substitutes for treatments we used to receive in a med-spa. While many have missed the mark, our trusted brands have been working hard to innovate, truly taking professional treatments from the spa into the comfort and safety of your own home. Obagi’s latest product, the Revivify Multi-Acid Facial Peel, is something I have been waiting for all winter! These cold, windy months wreak havoc on our delicate facial skin. It is very common to experience a dullness in the completion year-round, but the winter months can be especially brutal! Obagi’s Revivify Multi-Acid Facial Peel is a two-step routine that completely revives the skin by jumpstarting the skin cycle to unveil a smoother, brighter appearance. 

Now, Obagi’s Revivify Multi-Acid Facial Peel is not the first product to do this. We’ve been introduced to some amazing products that promise a similar result. In fact, one of my favorite products, the Jan Marini Multi-Acid Resurfacing Pads also provide an at-home peel (if you missed my blog on these wonder-pads, you can check it out here). The big difference is how often the product should be used for maximum results. Most retinoid creams recommend daily, or even twice daily, use to see results. The Jan Marini Multi-Acid Resurfacing Pads should be used every 2-3 days. The new Revivify Multi-Acid Facial Peel is used just once every two weeks! If you find yourself struggling with consistency in your daily routine or simply don’t have the time, the Obagi Revivify Multi-Acid Facial Peel was made for you!

Obagi Revivify Multi-Acid Facial Peel Review

Let’s talk about what is in it. The Revivify Multi-Acid Facial Peel combines four types of acid; Kojic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Lactic Acid, and Glycolic Acid. These ingredients work together to smooth and even skin tone and texture, dissolve dead skin, and improve radiance and clarity. You’ll see progress with each peel, as the appearance of skin texture, tone, and fine lines continually improve. The results speak for themselves. In clinical trials, 96% showed overall texture improvement and skin appearance and 93% saw overall skin tone improvement. 

The Revivify Multi-Acid Facial Peel is safe and effective for all skin types; dry, oily, normal, and combination. If you have sensitive skin like me, you might experience a tingling sensation during application. Personally, I use a small fan on my face to sooth the tingling during the 10-minute application, and it works like a charm!

If you’re ready to take professional self-care services home and achieve radiant skin with just two applications per month, get your Revivify Multi-Acid Facial Peel today! 

Obagi’s Revivify Multi-Acid Facial Peel and other medical-grade skincare products are available at! We offer daily free gifts and generous discounts. We’re so confident that we have the best prices and deals on medical-grade skincare that we always offer a price match guarantee! If you find a lower price with any authorized retailer of a brand that we carry, please bring it to our attention so that we can meet or beat that price. Give us as call at 800.805.3752 for today’s sale and mention this blog for even MORE savings! Can’t talk now? Use coupon code "REV20" for 15% MSRP on Obagi’s Revivify Multi-Acid Facial Peel.

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