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Korean Skincare, What's the hype?

by Cheyenne Prosper 11 Oct 2022 0 Comments
Korean Skincare, What's the hype?

Skincare has been evolving for a very long time. Interest in taking care of the skin has risen over the years, for both women and men. Teens have also taken a bigger interest in their skin as their skin matures and changes almost daily.

But there is one part of the skincare industry that is getting a lot of attention lately, and that’s Korean skincare. Its popularity is growing significantly among varied groups and ethnicities.

Is it a fad, or is there something to seriously consider regarding all the hype? To get that answer, it’s best to take a deeper look into what it’s all about.

The Popularity of Korean Skincare is Growing

Korean skincare seems to be making itself known. But, not just in Korea. It’s getting a lot of attention all over the world.

Most skincare shops, brick and mortar and online alike, are starting to carry Korean lines now. If you haven’t been browsing and shopping skincare lately, you most likely have at least

seen advertisements for trends from the East in magazines.

Has the Korean market discovered the long-sought-after fountain of youth? To make that judgement, more information on it is needed, such as learning noticeable differences.

How is Korean Skincare Different from Western Skincare?

There are probably more similarities than differences. But, even the smallest difference can make an impact when it comes to skincare.


Skincare in general varies between countries. Each country will have its own set of regulations, in addition to culture, education, and resources. For the most part, products haven’t varied to the point of standing out, until Korean skincare started making waves.

Within Korean culture, skincare holds a lot of value and importance in maintaining youthful and healthy skin. Rather than focusing on repairing lines and age spots after they occur, Koreans focus on preventive care. Children are taught at a young age to respect and value their skin and treat it accordingly. The steps of cleansing, moisturizing, and protecting the skin are learned early on and carried throughout adulthood. As a woman’s skin ages in any country, the steps in taking care of it normally will increase. But, it’s not uncommon for an adult Korean woman to have up to 12 steps in her routine.

Koreans have been more focused on including effective natural ingredients in their skincare products, long before the Western world got on board. An example of a natural and effective product is Hanskin BHA Pore Cleansing Oil, which contains plant-derived ingredients to purify and prevent clogged pores.

In contrast to the Koreans, women in Western countries are not as concerned about aging skin, until it starts to age. Other than issues with acne, most teens and young women are not implementing skincare routines. Once the concern is there, it’s no longer preventative for most women. And, repairing and restoring is far more complicated than preventive care.

A skincare routine for a Western woman may often consist of 3 to 4 steps, which is far fewer than the average Korean woman.


The ingredients used for Korean skincare can vary, just like in other countries. But there are a few more popular choices that can be used in Korean products that help them stand out and get noticed. Snail mucin essence, bee venom serum, ginseng eye creams, and green tea toners are just a few examples of products that have been popularized in Korean products. And, you might notice that some of the ingredients found in these are finding their way into the Western skincare arena as well.

Korean skincare products are known to be more gentle due to using formulas guided by nature. Several generations of Koreans have used herbs successfully for decades and continue to pass that down to newer generations. Some of these formulas include ingredients such as birch sap, Centella Asiatica, licorice root, propolis, mugwort, rice water, and a variety of fermented items that are not easily found in the Western world.


Korea takes the beauty industry seriously and through innovation and advanced technology, they can take generational formulas and adapt them to the evolving climate and atmosphere that comes with time.

Companies have worked on keeping up with the changes and continue to create advanced formulas with traditional ingredients and knowledge. Skincare companies such as Hanskin offer advanced formulas using such innovation for both skin and hair products.

As the popularity of Korean skincare increases, global competition among companies has also increased. So, the need and desire to stay a step ahead is keeping Korean products at the forefront.


Skincare can be rather costly, especially for someone living on a budget. However, one area that Korean companies have been very competitive is cost. Even with the use of impressive technology and unique ingredients, the performance-price ratio is noticeably favorable for customers. And in the competitive market, with their edge on technology, they can keep the cost lower while maintaining quality.


In addition to keeping cost down, Korea is also becoming an influencer worldwide in skincare due to the high quality and effectiveness of its products.

Moisturizing, prevention, nourishing, and restoration are benefits that go into many Korean products. Some products have more than one of those benefits combined, such as ELROEL Pang Pang Yellow Big Sun Cushion SPF50+. This product alone moisturizes, cools, and protects the skin with ingredients such as aloe and at least 10 other natural extracts, as well as vitamins E, C, B3, B5, and B6.

However, they don’t just focus on facial products. There are many great Korean body and haircare product lines as well, such as Dr Forhair. Similar to their facial products, the same focus on innovation, quality, and value are found in many hair products.


Results From Dr. ForHair Folligen Original Shampoo

Extensive Personalized Skincare Routines

As mentioned earlier, it’s not uncommon for a Korean woman to have at least a 10-step routine for their skincare. That might leave the average Western woman feeling overwhelmed. The thought of taking that much time each morning or evening, not to mention the cost, could cause most Western shoppers to lean towards a more simple routine.

However, not every step has to be used daily. It will depend on your unique concerns for your skin. The routine can be personalized to fit your skin needs, budget, and time. Creating your routine might sound intimidating. But, it doesn’t have to be at all. The Korean skincare philosophy allows each individual to focus on their skin and what it needs.

Getting the best-personalized routine starts with knowing your skin type. If you are unsure of what that is, there are many online quizzes to determine that quickly. Once the skin type is known, the product selection can be narrowed down. It might require trying a couple of different products to know which best suits your skin and personal routine.

You will quickly realize which products your skin loves, and which ones it doesn’t. When trying out a new product, pay attention to how your skin is reacting to it. It’s best to try one new product for a few days, before introducing another new one. This is to be sure which products are reacting positively and negatively. Give each product 3-7 days to react accordingly. If there’s an allergic reaction, you shouldl know within 24-48 hours or less. To know if the product is producing the desired results could take at least a few days. Slowly add products to your routine, giving your skin a few days to adapt to it, so you know if it’s a good match for your skin.

In Conclusion

You will have to judge for yourself if Korean products meet the hype, or not. But, given all the information above, it sure seems worth giving it a consideration.

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