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Jane Iredale: The Skincare Makeup

by Cheyenne Prosper 27 Jun 2019 0 Comments
Jane Iredale The Skincare Makeup

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One of DermAvenue's favorites,  jane Iredale: the Skincare Makeup. Learn about the benefits of mineral makeup and natural skincare formulas.

You love looking good (who doesn't?) but, naturally, you worry those layers of foundation and concealer you apply every day (and, of course, remember to wash every night...right?) might come back sooner or later to haunt you with acne, signs of aging or worse. But what if we told you that having to choose between looking good or doing what's good for your skin is a false dilemma; that is, it's possible to go full glam and still treat your skin right.

This is jane iredale's promise with Skincare Makeup - multipurpose cosmetics that don't just make you look good, they're actually good for you too!

The renowned skincare makeup brand is dedicated to producing non-comedogenic products formulated with only the highest quality minerals and pure concentrated pigments (no fillers) to provide appealing natural colors. Maintaining the health of your skin is jane iredale's top priority, ensuring, for example, that the foundations they carry, far from clogging up your pores, actually form protective barriers on your skin allowing it to breathe like normal.

No artificial perfumes, chemical dyes or preservatives as active ingredients make jane iredale products helpful for all skin types, reducing inflammation for sensitive skin condition types such as acne or rosacea. Keep your look radiant yet light and weightless with products that require only minimal application. 

There's no sense of trickery when founder Jane Iredale remarks that "the most beautiful cosmetic you can wear is a healthy skin."

What makes jane iredale Skincare Makeup such a standout in the makeup industry is its ethos: a commitment to advancing formulas that are cruelty-free (so, no animal-testing), vegan-friendly, allergy-tested, anti-irritant preservative-free (with only natural preservatives used when needed) and dermatologist-approved to improve skin health. Additionally, bases and its specific collection of sunscreen products are officially recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation for sun damage prevention.

Here's a personal favorite jane iredale product of mine: the Purepressed Base, an all-in-one micronized mineral base that acts as a foundation, powder, concealer and broad spectrum SPF sunscreen, available in a host of natural colors. The Purepressed base builds on the appearance of your natural skin but, complete with its light diffusing properties, fashions for you a younger, sheer and weightless look. It'll feel like you're wearing nothing at all!

And nothing can beat the satisfaction of knowing the product that you're using to make you look good, is not only also actually good for you; on top of it all, it's ethical and cruelty-free: so it's good for the planet too. How's that for multipurpose?

Please contact Dermavenue at 800.805.3752 or chat live! We have agents available 9-5pm Pacific Time to answer any questions.

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